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Guest inquiry: conching chocolate

Conching chocolate was a major development for chocolate, invented by Rodolphe Lindt. He wanted to improve the flavor and texture of eating chocolate. In 1879, he developed the process of conching, which produced superior chocolate aroma and melting characteristics. The conche aerates and removes moisture from the chocolate, drives off unsuitable flavors, and turns the […]

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In Honor of Father’s Day

 Our Founding Fathers and Chocolate   George Washington was a documented chocolate lover. Chocolate was a favorite drink at Mount Vernon in George Washington’s lifetime. His first recorded order for chocolate was for 20 pounds of the delicious treat, which arrived from England in 1758. He continued to buy chocolate throughout his life, in quantities […]

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A chocolate treat everyone will love

Need a quick and easy treat for a Bridal Shower or Graduation Party? Here’s my very favorite American Heritage Chocolate recipe that will impress all of your guests. American Heritage Chocolate BARK Ingredients: 2 cups American Heritage Chocolate Drink 1 cup chopped salted mixed nuts 1/2 cup dried cranberries (optional) Directions: In microwave, melt 1 […]

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