In Honor of Father’s Day

 Our Founding Fathers and Chocolate


george-washington-pictureGeorge Washington was a documented chocolate lover. Chocolate was a favorite drink at Mount Vernon in George Washington’s lifetime. His first recorded order for chocolate was for 20 pounds of the delicious treat, which arrived from England in 1758. He continued to buy chocolate throughout his life, in quantities as small as one pound and as large as the 50 pounds purchased three months before his death in 1799.


John AdamsJohn Adams writes in his dairy: 1779 December 10 Fryday. “Breakfasted for the first time on Spanish Chocolate which fully answered the fame it had acquired in the World. Till that time I had no Idea that any thing that had the Appearance of Chocolate and bore that name could be so delicious and salubrious.” He was certainly onto something!


thomas_jeffersonThomas Jefferson recorded his first purchase of chocolate in 1775, and later wrote to John Adams from Paris on November 27, 1785, that chocolate’s superiority “both of health and nourishment will soon give it the same preference over tea and coffee in America.”

Thank you to all fathers past and present, where you have a sweet tooth or not!

From the Hearth and Home of Captain Newark Jackson,
Amey Jackson

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