Chocolate ~ a Good Thing for Thanksgiving

We are all familiar with Thanksgiving Day advertisements, usually for delicious food items we should purchase to cook at home or pre-cooked meals that take the pressure off during the holiday. I recently discovered that on November 1, 1813, in the Boston Gazette, chocolate was advertised for the first time as a Thanksgiving related item! Mr. Beck, a Boston merchant, whose shop was located at 11 India Street, advertises that he’s selling chocolate among the “Good Things” he’s offering for Thanksgiving:

A Small Assortment of Good Things for Thanksgiving…….

For Sale by F. Beck, at No. 11 India Street, 20 casks
Malaga Raisins, 100 boxes best Muscatel and bloom Raisins,
A few boxes Lemon in prine order, A few pipes [barrels] old
Cognac Brandy, from the house of Otard, Duprey & Co
(acknowledge by Connoisseurs [sic] to be equal to any ever
Imported), A few bbl [barrels] Muscovado Sugar, 100 bales
prime Cotton, 450 bags Laquira Coffee, entitled to debenture,
Dan Fish, Chocolate, Cider Brandy &c
(The Boston Gazette, November 1, 1813 pg. 3)

Pot of Chocolate ~ Bryant White, White Historic Art


From the Hearth and Home of Captain Jackson’s, we wish you Good Tidings and a Happy Thanksgiving!

Amey Jackson

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