Monthly Archives: January 2015

Daniel Peter and Milk Chocolate

Although colonial Americans enjoyed chocolate as a beverage, developments in the chocolate industry during the 1800s revolutionized the way chocolate was made and consumed. Today we find edible chocolate confections in every form and flavor imaginable, and many of these fill the shelves of Captain Jackson’s Historic Chocolate Shop. One of the major developments in […]

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Hot Cocoa or Hot Chocolate?

It’s been a cold January here in Boston, and that means we’ve been spending a lot of time trying to stay warm. Sipping a warm beverage is a favorite way to beat the wintry weather, but the hot cocoa that we drink today is a very different beverage than the hot chocolate enjoyed by cold Bostonians […]

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Drinking Chocolate Instead of Eating Chocolate

When we talk about chocolate today, we typically think of it as a food. That wasn’t always the case. People were enjoying chocolate as a drink for thousands of years before the creation of the first chocolate candy bars that we know and love today. Archeological evidence shows that the people of Central and South […]

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