Monthly Archives: May 2015

Chocolate Tea

Colonial American drinking chocolate was very rich and thick because it contained a high level of cocoa butter, the natural fat found in cocoa beans. For individuals looking for the flavor and stimulating effects of chocolate without the heaviness of cocoa butter, there was chocolate tea. While the more popular drinking chocolate was made from […]

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Chocolate Monkey Bites

With the days finally getting warmer here in Boston, we’ve started thinking about cool chocolate treats for hot summer days. These chocolate monkey bites combine bananas, peanut butter, and American Heritage Historic Chocolate into bite-size frozen snacks that are perfect for summer afternoons. The simple trio of ingredients delivers an irresistible sweet and nutty flavor […]

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Colonial Sugar Cones

Sugar was much more expensive in colonial America than it is today. Because of its high cost, sugar was not added to chocolate by chocolate makers of the 1700s. Instead, consumers would add a small amount of sugar to their drinking chocolate while it was being prepared. Individuals would have purchased their sugar in the […]

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