Follow Us at Our New Blog Location!

CJ's New blog screen shot

As we embrace the start of our fourth season at Captain Jackson’s Historic Chocolate Shop, we are delighted to introduce the new location for our blog!

Thank you for following us at The Hearth & Home of Mrs. Newark Jackson over the past 2 years! We invite you to continue following us, where we will keep bringing you fascinating articles enriched with the history of chocolate as well as scrumptious recipes using American Heritage Historic Chocolate. Please update your browser bookmarks with our new URL as the WordPress site will come down in a few weeks.

Plan a visit to Captain Jackson’s Historic Chocolate Shop soon to see what’s new. We are located on the historic campus of the Old North Church and are open Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays through mid-April, then open 7 days a week until the end of October.

I hope you have enjoyed reading our postings as much as we have enjoyed researching and preparing them for you, and we look forward to your continued support at our new location.

From all of us at The Hearth & Home of Mrs. Newark Jackson,

Linda, Nicole, Melissa, Pam, and Erin




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