Greetings from the Hearth of Captain Jackson’s Historical Chocolate Shop

I’ll be sharing the history and essence of chocolate from the North End of Boston.

Do you love chocolate? I know I do! I can’t resist it. Have you ever wondered where chocolate came from and how long human beings have been enjoying chocolate? Let’s find out together. After all, chocolate is more American than apple pie!
Your Humble Servant,
Mrs. Newark Jackson (Amey)

Welcome to our new blog!

The Old North Church is thrilled to launch its new blog devoted to all things chocolate and colonial in honor of the success of our Captain Jackson’s Historic Chocolate Shop, which opened in April 2013. Although the chocolate shop is named after Captain Jackson,  a colonial North End chocolatier and pew owner at Old North, this blog will be written from the perspective of his wife, Amey Jackson. Stop by Captain Jackson’s (or as we call it, CJ’s) for a live demonstration of 18th century chocolate making techniques and to taste the delicious colonial drinking chocolate. Follow this blog for new recipes using American Heritage Chocolate, historic tidbits of information, and musings on colonial life. We look forward to seeing you and receiving your comments!


chocolate pot